15 07, 2013

Closing the loop between risk assessment and the management system

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A guest blog by: Sheryl Hurst (Warrington) - Risktec Companies in major hazard industries have long been accustomed to carrying out hazard identification and risk assessment.  They are also expected to have in place a structured safety management system.  In recent years, moves have been made to link the two visibly – to demonstrate that [...]

12 07, 2013

Revisiting the Swiss Cheese model

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The Swiss cheese model has proven to be one of the dominant safety metaphors of our time. Over the years, multiple barrier based methods have been developed using this metaphor, often with slightly different goals and interpretations of the original Swiss cheese model. However, because most still share enough commonalities, these methods can be combined [...]

7 07, 2013

Bowtie risk assessment for inspection authorities

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The Enforcement Regulatory Cycle is extensively used to assist governmental agencies to manage the enforcement process and to develop inspection strategies. Risk-based inspection has been identified as the best practice for successful enforcement. The Bowtie methodology is a risk assessment method that can be used as a tool for risk communication and risk based inspections. [...]