A complete suite of risk management solutions

1. Risk Assessment

There are many different ways to do a risk assessment. CGE has adopted the BowTie method as its core risk assessment method. The results of the bowtie risk assessment process give a good understanding of major hazard risks and how they are controlled.

2. Implement & Communicate

Effective implementation and communication of risk assessments in an organization can be challenging. CGE has a number of digital solutions that will help companies achieve effective communications and manage the implementation of safety management systems every step of the way.

3. Monitor

Monitoring the status of dynamic barriers is the next step in risk management. CGE has started a project called Advanced Barrier Management, which does exactly this and more.

IncidentXP is directly linked to BowTieXP to make the whole management control cycle available in 1 software solution.

Incidents tell us where safety weak spots are located. CGE has a number of incident investigation and analysis tools. Whether investigating a small incident with BlackBox, a large-scale incident with Investigator 3, or a catastrophic event with our Enterprise Investigation System for Catastrophic Accidents (EISCA).

Barriers are not the only thing that needs monitoring.With AuditXP auditing, your bowties has become an easy and logical thing to do.

Detecting conflicting activities is also an important aspect that is regulated using a Permiy to Work system.