Next generation incident analysis tool

BSCAT is a next generation incident analysis tool that uses barrier thinking to clarify and structure your incident analysis. The BSCAT method can utilize pre-existing BowTies or be used on its own. It is the first method to complete the circle and link risk assessments with incident analysis. BSCAT is built on top of the BowTieXP platform.

Recent insights reveal that improved safety management performance can be obtained if a more focused approach on barrier performance is followed. Advanced Barrier Management is a relatively new concept that addresses the effectiveness of specific barriers that aims to prevent undesired top events from happening and/or that aims to limit the extend of the undesired consequences.

The Bowtie-concept provides a clear visual presentation of several high risk scenarios and how these scenarios can be managed. When applying the bowtie-approach one is triggered to think of available and/or potential barriers that keep control of the hazard scenarios and their effectiveness. Bowtie-based risk analysis is part of mature risk based safety management framework and should be applied by all organizations that aim to have a better understanding and control of their key risks. Allocation of accountabilities and document links can be part of the bowtie-thinking when the software program BowtieXP is applied.



BSCAT links the bowtie-concept to DNV’s classical concept for incident investigation (SCAT), which is already used by many organizations. The Systematic Cause Analysis Technique provides a framework with predefined categories of direct and basic causes that have proven to be important contributions for incidents in a variety of market sectors. By applying this SCAT technique on barrier performance, one can assess the performance of barriers during an incident investigation and come up with specific improvement actions that address the basic causes of failure. The BSCAT-concept supports in particular (complex) incident investigations that are characterized by a variety of events that went wrong. BSCAT is now supported by a software tool – branded as DNV BSCAT – that allows for smart generation of incident diagrams. DNV BSCAT operates under the proven BowtieXP platform. 

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